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To develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum, at Kirkbymoorside Community Primary we have undertaken a multifaceted approach to writing, whereby all subject areas include the opportunities for pupils to express their thoughts in a range of written styles.


Until the Spring Term of Year 2, our children follow the RWI programme of study which allows them to embed and develop writing fluency linked closely to their reading ability. Towards the end of Year 2 and throughout Key Stage 2 the English curriculum is taught by studying a high quality text where writing opportunities are derived, from this we use Talk for Writing to support childrens’ development in writing as this allows children to internalise language structures.


It is vital that our children are exposed to a range of exemplar texts, from across different genres and subject areas, to embed ambitious vocabulary choices and secure expectations of writing across the curriculum. This exposure to a variety of curricular areas encourages a range of writers and writing styles, allowing boys (a key focus for development) to be absorbed within their learning and retelling.


Writing is a crucial skill that is embedded across all year groups; consolidation of fine motor skills and phonic strategies are implemented in lower school and working towards securing confidence with independent pieces is of priority in KS2.


We are intent on leaving on our students leaving Kirkbymoorside Primary with a certainty that they are able to communicate effectively in writing – and to enjoy being able to express themselves in this way.



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