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Statutory Information and Trust Governance

Kirkbymoorside CP School is a key member of the Ryedale Learning Trust (company number 12974763). This page contains important information on our governance structures and processes. 

Cluster School Committee Representatives
Full details of Cluster School Committee representatives can be found at Cluster School Committee representatives.

The names of our Ryedale Learning Trust charity members are:
Reverend Tim Robinson, Mr Philip Brown, Mrs Catherine Eve and Mr John Ackerley.

Ryedale Learning Trust trustees are:
Mr David Dangerfield, Mr David Ball, Mrs Heather White, Mrs Ruth Smith, Mr Peter Bryan, Mr Chris Belsom and Mrs Janey Downshire.

For further information on Ryedale Learning Trust members and trustees and their relevant business and pecuniary interests please visit www.ryedalelearningtrust.co.uk.

Ryedale Learning Trust statutory information
For all Trust statutory information please visit www.ryedalelearningtrust.co.uk.

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