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School Uniform

What to wear and our policy


Kirkbymoorside Community Primary operates a policy of ‘school colours’. School uniform helps to establish a good standard of appearance, a sense of belonging and pride in the school. The policy is reviewed every year.

The uniform is reasonably priced and available through the online shop.


We hope that all parents will support the school in clothing their children appropriately according to the list below. The policy was agreed after consultation with parents, children, staff and governors.


Our main school colours are Navy Blue, Grey, Red and White.


• Trousers / Shorts above the knee (not ¾ length)- navy blue/black/grey

• Skirt/ pinafore dress- navy blue/black/grey

• Summer Dress – School colours

• School sweatshirt / cardigan or jumper- navy blue

• Shirt or blouse- white

• Polo shirt- white or red

• Socks or tights- navy blue, grey or white

• Footwear with sensible heels

• Coats- serviceable and appropriate


Clothing for Physical Education


• T. shirt- white / red

• Shorts- navy / black ( suitable for physical activity)

• For Outdoor Games:

• Trainers for outdoor use

• Jogging trousers and a sweat shirt


Please note: Due to the lack of space all P.E. kit should be brought to school in a small bag on a Monday. It will be sent home on Friday for washing.


What's not allowed

• Jeans, denim, football shirts, hooded tops and inappropriate clothing should not be worn.

• Football shirts should not be worn for P.E.

• Nail polish or tattoos must not be worn in school.



Jewellery should not be worn in school. If a child has pierced ears, only 1 pair of sleepers or studs should be worn to reduce the risk of injury. Body piercing with the exception of ears, is not permitted for Kirkbymoorside C.P. School pupils. It is the school policy that earrings and watches must be removed during P.E. lessons for the health and safety reasons.

We ask parents to sign a disclaimer, if they are unwilling for their child to remove earrings, so that they take the responsibility if an accident occurs involving torn ears in P.E./ Games.


Hair & Styling

Hair must remain a natural colour. Streaked, tinted or multi-coloured hair is not allowed. Threaded braids are discouraged. Long hair must be tied back if it poses a health and safety risk, extremely short hair of the ‘skinhead’ style is not allowed. Designs and patterns cut into the hair are inappropriate for school.

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